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Design emphasis on energy efficiency to improve and sustain a healthy environment.


Since 1975, GGD Consulting Engineers, Inc. (formally known as Garcia, Galuska & DeSousa, Inc.) has provided Professional Engineering Consulting Services originating as a Civil, Plumbing, and Fire Protection Engineering Firm.  Over time, we have expanded and now offer a full line of engineering services including HVAC, Energy Modeling, Electrical, Security, and Data/Communications Systems Engineering.


Our focus is on our clients.

By ensuring there is involvement with principal engineers and lead staff we maintain and develop new relationships.  Our team of top engineers provide guidance and direction needed at each phase to meet the expectations of the project and the project team. 

When you work with us, you can expect a relationship with transparency, dedication, and dependability.

        Visit our portfolio to see our work in the Educational, Municipal, Housing, and Recreational markets.


We are interested in having knowledgeable and enthusiastic qualified engineers and designers join our team.  Consider providing your resume for future available positions!




Internships equal teamwork, communication, confidence, and motivation which will help guide you to success!

Not only will you receive workplace job experience, but you can also create and secure a professional network that will establish recommendations and references. 

Support sustainable lighting and enter the Mindful Materials website to sign their Lighting Advocacy Letter. 

The letter was inspired by the AIA material pledge. 

For more information please visit:

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