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Medford Public Library


11 High Street, Medford, MA 02155




Schwartz Silver Architects



44,825 SF



$24.8 Million

The project consists of the demolition of the existing library building and the construction on the same site for a new, two-story, public library building.

Our services include Plumbing, Fire Protection, HVAC, Electrical and Technology design, and construction administration.


Our systems design includes energy recovery ventilators, heat recovery system, electrical terminal heating units, LED high-efficiency lighting, controls, dimming, electric vehicle charging station, photovoltaic system, high-efficiency plumbing fixtures, and electric water heater rated for energy star certification.  


This building is designed for Net Zero, carbon-free systems. LEED certification is anticipated for the project. 

This project is actively in Construction Phase.  Images will be provided upon completion.

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